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'Brian Johnson is the best public relations professional I’ve encountered. He is honest, he has a finely tuned sense of what will grab an audience's attention – and he leaves no fingerprints. This ‘little’ book should be the bible of the industry.
Garry Linnell, Editorial Director
Fairfax Metro Media

'Understanding how to build relationships with media, to provide useful information, content and story sources, is critical for anyone embarking on a career in public relations. The Little Red Book of PR Wisdom provides really valuable, down to earth and practical advice on exactly how to do that.'

Sue Cook, Managing Director
Hill + Knowlton Strategies

'PR is to journalism as the Great White is to the early morning surfer. Brian Johnson has spent many years walking both sides of the barbed wire fence that divides the two crafts. The Little Red Book of PR Wisdom provides a unique understanding that will enlighten both the godly and ungodly alike.'
John Westacott, Executive Producer Emeritus
60 Minutes

'Very entertaining – and sorely needed!'
Sue Carney, Editor-in-Chief
Reader's Digest

'Concise and clever. This should be the best-read book of PR wisdom.'
Graem Sims, Editor
Inside Sport magazine

'Brian Johnson nails it. The Little Red Book of PR Wisdom is a road map to practical and effective communication with journalists and content editors. It should be required reading for anyone studying or embarking on a PR career. Ignore it at your clients’ peril.'
Steve Speziale, Group News Director
Southern Cross Austereo

'Brian Johnson’s Little Red Book of PR Wisdom is jam-packed full of valuable public relations insight. It would make an extremely useful tool for students of public relations and those who have been in the industry for many years.'
Nicole Bridges, Lecturer in Public Relations

'Essential reading. It is no nonsense, contemporary and leaves no stone unturned. Brian Johnson lives media and has for decades at the highest levels. He is famous and respected and knows what sells a story – and he sells it better than anyone.'
Roger White, Senior Editor
954 News Talk

'Brian Johnson has worked on both sides of the media fence for a long time. He knows what one side needs and he knows how the other side should get it to them. A must-read.'
Paul Christenson, Senior Producer
Macquarie Radio Network

  • Some call it public relations, some call it PR, some call it publicity. Others describe it as media relations, even marketing. It’s all about getting media coverage for the story you want to tell, and knowing how to go about it.
  • Whether you’re a PR professional, a manager, a lecturer, a student, an association, an NGO or a government agency, The Little Red Book of PR Wisdom  is your key to getting that coverage – with far more value, impact and profile than advertising alone can deliver, a fraction of the cost.